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Insane Dollars

Insane Dollars, has been providing webmasters with the tools to maximize the value of hard-earned traffic since 2007. Offering an array of products within the program, Insane Dollars gives you numerous options for your traffic and the best ways to make the most of it!

Products include Insane Dollars Live Cams, Pay Per Join, and a Webmaster Referral program. Each product is designed specifically to give you the ability to give your surfers what they want, providing you with the maximum return.

We pride ourselves on our services, support, accuracy and timely payouts. We realize everyone has a choice and that not all programs are right for everyone. The industry demands the ability to keep up with changing trends, and Insane Dollars has devoted itself to doing just that. We understand the importance of trust when it comes to selecting an affiliate program and we believe, through our knowledge and experience in the industry, that we offer our webmasters a profitable and trustworthy affiliate program.

Insane Dollars is based in Seattle, Washington and is one of many products and services offered by Insane Media, Inc.

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